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Bridal Assistance

Every bride should receive that special attention on her wedding day which is why Capital Concierge On-Call, LLC offers Lady In Waiting Services which is simply a personal assistant to the bride and in some cases the bridesmaids as well. So relax and no more stressing, it is our job to take all of your worries away. Because this is your special day, expect nothing less than to be waited on hand and foot for whatever your needs are.

After all, the main focus of your lady in waiting will be you, which is why we're here to give you that celebrity treatment, that you deserve. Please take a look at some of the task that can be handled as a part of your "Lady In Waiting" package. Remember there's not limitations, tell us what you need.

- Run errands (pick-up; ie your favorite coffee or latte)

-Act as a liaison between bride and groom wedding planner and other vendors

-Gather and pack up the brides luggage for the hotel stay after the reception

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