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Craig Posvar

In November of 2013, we sent our daughter Paige from the west coast (Temecula, Ca.) all the way to the east coast (Raleigh, N.C.) to participate in a major College Showcase Soccer Tournament. She had never been there before, let alone by herself.

While there she had to take another S.A.T. test she signed up for that would ultimately mean she would have to travel a couple hours by herself to meet back up with her team due to a conflict of test times and team schedule. We had no idea how to go about setting up transportation for her let alone feeling like we would be able to trust our 17 year old daughter in the hands of someone we didn't even know and being so far away. We started getting very nervous about the whole situation.

We decided to contact the hotel they were staying in and explained our dilemma and concerns and asked for any recommendations. The gentleman they put us in touch with didn't even hesitate saying I think I have the right person for the job. He put us in contact with Emily Williams at Capital Concierge.

After our initial conversation with her we immediately became more at ease. Our final concern was how our daughter would feel being alone with some stranger traveling so far. Well it didn't take but a couple of minutes before our daughter said she knew she was in good hands.

Paige Hunter Posvar

Emily’s friendly personality helped Paige relax (she was very stressed about all that was happening). Emily was considerate enough to be sure Paige was able to have something to eat and drink while on their long drive to the tournament. Speaking with Paige while on their drive, she made it clear to us how much she liked Emily and how friendly she was. It made Mom & Dad feel a whole lot better several thousand miles away. As a parent it's nice to know there are people out there such as Emily Williams who you can depend on to provide such professional yet friendly service. We definitely would recommend Capital Concierge to anyone who needs these types of services.

Thanks again Emily!


Craig, Diane & Paige Posvar

Temecula, California

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