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Leon Ashby

My name is Leon Ashby of Conyers, Ga. I had the honor of meeting Emily Williams of Capital Concierge On-Call in 2003/2004 upon being hired by her to do electrical work at the residence of Michael Frier in the Northampton Subdivision. From this point on I performed the role as the preferred electrician for several projects during a large renovation at the Frier home.

Because of the scope of the project, I spent a significant amount of time working closely with Emily as Mr. Frier’s liaison/project manager. I got to know her and became familiar with her keen attention to detail, not to mention her wonderful warm personality and the patience she exhibited in understanding, identifying and conveying Mr. Frier needs in efforts to reach a suitable solution.

It was because of the qualities she possessed that I felt she would be a great person to work with my eldest sister, Betty who at the time was in need of an alternate solution to the shuttle service she had been taking to and from her dialysis appointments 3 times a week. Because of the long hours it took from the time of picking up the various patients, waiting for everyone to receive their treatment and then making the same rounds in the afternoon in dropping everyone back off, the shuttle service made for a long exhausting day for my sister.

My siblings and I thought it would be best to find a more customized means of transportation that would be more tailored just for her and the times she needed to arrive to and from her appointments. Emily was that answer. She began transporting Betty and did so until she left Georgia and moved back to North Carolina. My family and I are forever grateful for the peace of mind that was given to our family in knowing that we had someone that was prompt, reliable, trustworthy and overall made Betty’s treatment days a little more tolerable considering the circumstances.

Because of what she did for us, we are certain whatever the situation. she can do the same for others who may need some type of assistance. We wish her many blessings with this wonderful service.

Leon Ashby

Conyers, GA

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