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Norma Sawyer

Emily Williams with Capital Concierge is a most delightful and caring person who is responsible, dependable and committed to her clients. Emily's concierge service, Capital Concierge On-Call, was referred to my family over a year and a half ago by Visiting Angels which is an In-Home Health Care Agency. During this time my 93 year old husband's health was declining and we needed transportation to and from medical appointments as well as for errands because my husband was too sick for me to leave his bedside.

Aside from getting my husband around, since his death in March 2015, because I do not drive, she continues to transport me back and forth to sewing classes, Art of Carolina's Art Seminars, to and from church on occasional Sunday's, waits for me during book and grocery store visits, trips to the flower nursery and any other assistance that I may need.

She has exercised being astute, resourceful and prompt in executing the services that has been delivered to us. Because of the fact that most of our children and extended family live out of town, I usually will coordinate my schedule ahead of time with Capital Concierge for all the things that I will need help with throughout the course the month and without fail Emily shows up according to plan and the process is seamless which aids in everything running smooth.  

It has truly been a blessing to have found Capital Concierge and know that there is someone to assist with the various tasks that may arise. I will not only continue to use the service but would definitely recommend Capital Concierge to anyone who may need similar help and for those who see the value in the services offered as my family does.

Norma Sawyer,

Raleigh, NC

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