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The Winfield Family

During the time my family and I lived across the lake from our former neighbor, retired and disabled NFL player, Michael Frier, we got to know Emily Williams who was Mr. Frier's Personal Assistant at the time and witnessed the many tasks that she handled for him from day to day and eventually figured with all that he entrusted her to carry out and do for him that we too could enlist her services. It was from then up until the time she relocated that I had the pleasure of using the transportation division of Emily's Concierge Service to help me with the various transportation needs for my daughters.

She helped me coordinate shuttling my kids to and from school on designated days as well as to meetings, various school activities and occasional appointments. I found her to be consistently pleasant, possessing the ability to make the children feel secure, with the willingness to tackle all requests with dedication and a smile.  

Besides being a joy to work with, Emily is a take charge, responsible person, who is always on time and made sure the environment that my children were delivered to, was safe, secure, and that a responsible adult was in charge there. Her valued help has not been replaced here in Atlanta and we were sorry to see her move back to North Carolina.

I highly recommend Ms. Emily Williams with Capital Concierge On-Call, LLC. She would be an asset to anyone considering using her services. I can personally attest to her excellent skills as a personal assistant and a personal transportation provider.

In addition, as the annual Christmas decorator for the front entrance to our subdivision, I have witnessed her miraculous gift and talent in the areas of decorating and design not to mention Event/Party Coordinating for which she holds an Official Event Planning Certification from Georgia Perimeter College along with a Business and Marketing Degree from NC State University. Emily, to say the least, is excellent at every task, I have seen her undertake.


Felecia Winfield

AT & T Retiree

770 701 6662

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